Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Construction of Housing Unit

Govt Support Low Income Group For Construction Housing Unit

Government  Support Low-Income Groups For Construction Of Housing Unit ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday 25 Jan 2022 said that the government was facilitating Contractors & Builders for constructing affordable housing units for the salaried and low-income groups through provision of subsidies and waiver of interest rates on the house financing. The prime minister praised the ministry...

World’s Largest and Highest Cable Car in Kumrat Valley

World’s Largest and Highest Cable Car in Kumrat Valley

PESHAWAR: Cable car to connect Kumrat Valley to Chitral The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has decided to install a 14 kilometer long cable car, which will connect the picturesque town of Kumrat  🏔  in the Upper Dir with the Madaklasht area in Chitral, for an estimated cost of 32 billion rupees. The meeting gave the green light to the department to carry out the detailed feasibility study and...

PM Imran Allots Over 1,500 Housing Units to Poor Workers, Widows.

PM Imran Allots Over 1500 Housing Units To Poor Workers, Widows.

Islamabad: PM) Imran Khan on Thursday,March 18, 2021 handed workers over 1500 keys at low-cost apartments and houses developed under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) initiative to laborers, according to news sources. https://youtu.be/U_FoUOSNw44   Addressing those present and applauding the work of his team, Prime Minister said: "You have relaunched a 25-year project that was dormant...

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