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FBR Reduces Taxes For Construction Sector

FBR Excludes The Tax Amnesty Regime For The Construction Sector ISLAMABAD: The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) has ruled out the possibility of a new tax amnesty plan for contractors to revive the construction industry, stating that the FBR cannot waive the collection of Rs. 200 billion a year. During the deliberations of the meeting of the Senate Standing Finance Committee, it was proposed to drastically...

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Revolutionize Real Estate

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can Revolutionize Real Estate

As the world advances into the information age, those who are able to quantify and analyze large datasets will always have a market advantage over their competitors. Advances in technology are changing business models in major industries, and the transformation effect of technologies such as artificial intelligence is driving the shift to a more engaging, data-driven approach to various aspects of a...

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