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Overseas Pakistanis

Overseas Pakistanis and Real Estate Investment

Investing in Real Estate by Pakistanis Living Abroad Overseas Pakistanis contribute significantly to the national economy. Remittances paid by Pakistanis living abroad assist to stabilize the country's foreign currency reserves and encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There are around nine million Pakistanis living in various countries, with the majority residing in the Gulf area, including the...


Tourism And Hotel Industry In Pakistan

PAKISTAN: TOURISM AND HOTEL INDUSTRY Pakistan has emerged as a popular location for those seeking to invest in new hotel projects. After almost 5 years, hotels in Pakistan have raised dramatically in terms of how many people choose to stay in them and what the average prices are, and this trend is projected to continue. Since Pakistan is on the rising curve of the current trend cycle, hotels are likely...

Marla to Square Feet Conversion Made Easy For You!

A Guide for Marla to Square Feet Conversion History of Measuring System  The history of the measurement system dates back to the beginning of the Indus Valley Civilization, around the fifth millennium BC. The Maurya Empire (322-185 BC) formulated the rules for using the complex system of weights and measures, but later it was the Mughal Empire that began to use these measures to determine land...

CDA reviews uplift work in three sub-sectors of I-15

CDA Reviews Uplift Work In Sector I-15

Islamabad: A meeting was held here with the chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) on development work in three subsectors of the I-15. The meeting reviewed ongoing development work in Sector I-15, while Member Engineering provided a detailed report at the meeting that work in Sectors 1, 3, and 4 was progressing in full swing and would be completed in the coming years. months. He said work...

Ban on construction in two sectors


Federal Government bans construction in Islamabad's sectors G-12 and F-12. Moreover, additional Deputy Commissioner General Rana Waqas Anwar imposed Section 144 in villages Tamma and Mohryan, Park Road in a notification issued on Thursday. They have banned all types of construction without any legal authority and documents. This ban will be in place for two months. The federal government, with the...

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