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How to Reduce Construction Cost

The year 2021 has launched a great financial curve in all areas of our life. However, if anything, the demand for housing is still strong and many home builders are keeping up, especially those in states that have closed construction estimating. However, the sharp increase in construction across the country has led to an increase in demand for raw materials, leading to higher costs for builders. To...

National Savings Schemes sees increase in profit rates

National Savings Schemes Sees Increase In Profit Rates

The government of Pakistan has increased the profit rates on the National Savings https://twitter.com/savingsgovpk/status/1367032095470727169   Karachi: On Wednesday March 3, 2021, the government issued revised profit rates for national savings system certificates, according to which profit rates were raised in various savings programs. According to the details revealed by the sources, the rate...

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