Interior Design Ideas

Low Cost Interior Design Ideas For Home

Is your home's decor out of date and boring? Have you ever wondered how much it costs to employ an interior designer or what a reasonable interior design budget is? The fact is that it should not cost an arm and a leg to make one's house both practical and visually attractive. Whether you have a passion for DIY crafts or are merely a novice with no expertise in this field, we are giving you a few...

How to Make a Small Dining Room Work?

How to Make a Small Dining Room Work?

How to Organize and Decorate Small Dining Room to Make It More Functional? You want to set up a comfortable seating area, but you don't have enough room for a table that seats six or eight people. Don't be concerned! You may enjoy having guests over for meals but lament the fact that you do not have a larger space for them to dine in. These dining room ideas for a small space will assist you in decorating...

How to Decorate Your Bedroom under PKR 50,000?

Decorating your bedroom or any other part of the house on a budget can be a little stressful. After all, we all want the best for our living space, right? However, if you've just moved into a new home or just want to completely renovate your personal sanctuary, here's a complete guide on how to decorate your room for less than PKR 50,000. Unlike your living room and living room, your bedroom is a place...

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