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Ramadan 2021: '100 Million Meals' Campaign

Ramadan 2021: UAE’s 100 Million Meals Campaign Begins in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt

Ramadan 2021: '100 Million Meals' Campaign Food parcels first distributed to target groups in Pakistan. Food distribution has already started in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt as part of the "100 million meals" campaign which aims to support disadvantaged communities in 20 countries, one of the largest food drive campaigns of its kind during the holy month of Ramadan. Low-income families, refugees,...

Malam Jabba

Govt urged to resolve Malam Jabba Closure Issue

Islamabad: The government has urged to solve the problem of the closure of Malam Jabba because this complex plays a fundamental role in promoting tourism. Lawyers should help interested parties to promote tourism rather than drag them to court for the subsequent closure of tourism promotion sites. Shedding light on the closure of the Malam Jabba site by court order, the vice president of the Mardan...

Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana no longer part of the LDA

Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana No Longer Part Of The LDA

LAHORE: Governor issues ordinance to limit LDA’s powers Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar limited the powers of the Lahore Development Authority to Lahore (LDA) by modifying the Lahore Development Authority Act of 1975. Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar, during his acknowledgment of the demands of provincial ministers, assembly members and the public, limited the powers of the Lahore Development Authority to Lahore...



Summer houses are an essential investment, especially if you are looking to diversify your investment portfolio. You can use them both if you and your family love to travel a lot. Either way, if you book a summer house in Landster Spanish Hotel Apartment (northern part of Pakistan) , you are buyinga house in heaven. If you have a hotel apartment in LSHA Kalm, Swat, KP, you no longer have to plan your...

Ramadan Relief Measures

KP, Punjab Governments Introduce Ramadan Relief Measures

Ramzan is a month of endless blessings, forgiveness, generosity and a time to get close to Allah. For Muslims around the world, it is a time when they are connected to each other by similar traditions and feelings, as well as to their Creator through a shared bond that transcends time and space. Ramadan is not only guided by religious practices, but also by tradition. It is the time when Muslims come...

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