Ramadan 2021: '100 Million Meals' Campaign

Ramadan 2021: UAE’s 100 Million Meals Campaign Begins in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt

Ramadan 2021: '100 Million Meals' Campaign Food parcels first distributed to target groups in Pakistan. Food distribution has already started in Pakistan, Jordan and Egypt as part of the "100 million meals" campaign which aims to support disadvantaged communities in 20 countries, one of the largest food drive campaigns of its kind during the holy month of Ramadan. Low-income families, refugees,...

Malam Jabba

Govt urged to resolve Malam Jabba Closure Issue

Islamabad: The government has urged to solve the problem of the closure of Malam Jabba because this complex plays a fundamental role in promoting tourism. Lawyers should help interested parties to promote tourism rather than drag them to court for the subsequent closure of tourism promotion sites. Shedding light on the closure of the Malam Jabba site by court order, the vice president of the Mardan...

How to Decorate Your Bedroom under PKR 50,000?

Decorating your bedroom or any other part of the house on a budget can be a little stressful. After all, we all want the best for our living space, right? However, if you've just moved into a new home or just want to completely renovate your personal sanctuary, here's a complete guide on how to decorate your room for less than PKR 50,000. Unlike your living room and living room, your bedroom is a place...

Construction Projects Behind Target

Construction Projects Behind Target

In April last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his government's second tax amnesty plan for 10 months aimed at "stimulating economic growth" and minimizing the impact of COVID-19 on people's lives. So far, more than 1,000 construction projects worth Rs 355 billion have been registered during the first year of Prime Minister Imran Khan's second tax amnesty plan. According to government statistics,...

The 8 Most Beautiful Masjids in Pakistan

Cascading domes, thin minarets, and intricate art are just some of the features that make Masjids such outstanding structures. With the spread of Islam, Masjids have also evolved and with the fusion of architectural styles from different cultures, the effects of globalization are evident. Masjids around the world have a rich history and are central to the Islamic faith. Although Masjids are a place...

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