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Govt Transforming Rawalpindi into a Model City

Govt Transforming Rawalpindi into a Model City

Take a look at how the government is transforming Rawalpindi into a model city In addition to the and other major routes, the Punjab government is adding brightly colored electric lamps. “We will transform Rawalpindi into an excellent model city in terms of natural greenery and environmental friendliness,” he declared. The Vice-Chairman stated that the fundamental task of transforming all of the...

How to Reduce Construction Cost

The year 2021 has launched a great financial curve in all areas of our life. However, if anything, the demand for housing is still strong and many home builders are keeping up, especially those in states that have closed construction estimating. However, the sharp increase in construction across the country has led to an increase in demand for raw materials, leading to higher costs for builders. To...

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