Golra-Attock Safari Tourist Train Launched

Golra-Attock Safari Tourist Train

RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Railways Safari Tourist Train, which was launched to promote the culture, beauty and tourism of the Potohar region, inaugurated on Sunday February, 21,2021 from Golra Station to Attock Khurd.

 Tourist trains will take tourists every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Golra Station to Hassan Abdal, Attock Khurd and Attock City and surroundings.

 The journey ends at the historic Attock Khurd station after passing through Golra, Taxila, Hassanabdal and Attock train stations.


Tourists will experience the journey through the beautiful landscape of Potohar, which consists of Margallah hills, Sangjani tunnel and many bridges such as Chablal bridge, Haro bridge, Ghazi Borotha and Attock Khurd bridges.

The safari train will also cross the ancient iron beam bridge in the Indus between the provinces of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The inaugural show was held at the Golra level crossing, built in 1882. The Pakistani railways also built a museum at the station.

Addressing the function, the president of the Senate said the safari train concept is good, it can be a source of entertainment and tourism, and Pakistani railways are a valuable resource. He said this train should be taken to other parts of the country as well, and Federal Railways Minister Muhammad Azam Khan Swati’s efforts were commendable.

Sanjrani said that the safari train will help highlight the historical and cultural heritage and that Pakistani railways could play a key role in promoting tourism. He said he hopes such measures will also be taken in the future, which would not only make the organization profitable but also help project a positive image of Pakistan. “This is an important step for Pakistan and the railways are the backbone of the economy which requires hard work day and night. This will make a big difference for the people and the economy of Pakistan. It will also reduce tariffs and have a better impact on the environment,” he said.

Swati said: “Freight trains are starting too. Less expensive transportation will be available. At one time, the railway supplied fresh water to the village of Quetta Semiray. The development of the railways is the development of Pakistan. I pray for the development of the railways “.

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