Punjab Youth Makes Mini Electric Tractor To Curb Air Pollution

mini electric tractor to curb air pollution

A young man named Khalid of Layyah, Punjab has developed an all-electric mini-tractor from commonly available components, according to a recent media report. 

Mini Electric Tractor

The intention behind its creation is to reduce air pollution caused by toxic emissions from tractors with traditional internal combustion engines.

 Khalid told the media that the tractor was built at a cost of just Rs 40,000, adding that his tractor engine runs on rechargeable batteries and can easily carry 80 kg of weight.

 Khalid said he can build a bigger and better electric tractor if the government provides him with the facilities. It is worth mentioning here that it works like a normal tractor, runs on rechargeable batteries and has the potential to significantly reduce pollution and revolutionize the agricultural sector.

 The government is currently actively seeking to standardize electric vehicles (EVs) across Pakistan by implementing a new EV policy that provides numerous incentives to manufacturers, buyers and those interested in strengthening the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

 Khalid’s creation falls under the same umbrella, as it encourages the use of efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles that will benefit both the public and the economy.

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