Galliyat facilitation camps


The Galliyat Development Authority (GDA) has set up as many as ten camps to help tourists coming to the beautiful valleys amid sporadic snowfall, GDA official Ahsan Hameed shared on Wednesday. “GDA has set up the camps up along the Galliyat route. Thus, starting from Harno and leading towards Barian,” he added.

He said that we have aimed this initiative at providing help to tourists. Elaborating on the facilities made available at the camps. Moreover, the official mentioned that we have deputed two staffers at each camp. Equipped with first aid, walkie-talkie, chains and other necessary equipment. The staff is available for 24 hours for help and guidance, he added.

Hameed maintained that we are utilizing all available resources to ease the tourists coming to visit the scenic valleys of Galliyat from various parts of the country. He said the GDA had issued a travel advisory to warn the tourists and locals about slippery roads. In addition, he urged them to travel during the day and use chains to tread on snow.

The official further advised that it is necessary for tourists to check their vehicles and fill their fuel tanks before embarking on a Galliyat tour. He mentioned that the GDA director general has directed all officials concerned to stay in the field to facilitate the tourists and locals in the area.

The resort has broken all records with regard to drawing tourists. As the valley attracted 90 per cent of all local tourists during the current winter season, he noted.

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