Zig zag kilns


Deputy Commissioner Amjad Shoaib Khan Tareen said that no brick kiln would be allowed to work with traditional technology after December 31.

In a meeting with Brick Kiln Owners Association, the DC stated that the provincial government and High Court had issued clear instructions that only those kilns would work in 2021, if these are shifted to zig-zag technology. Hence, to prevent environmental pollution and smog.

He further said that only 16 brick kilns had so far shifted to zigzag technology in Muzaffargarh district. He further added that we will take action against those found working without shifting to new technology after December 31.


The government has decided to offer easy loans for brick kiln owners. To transfer their units from traditional to zigzag technology.

There are more than 8,500 kilns across the province. The government closes the traditional kilns in November and December each year. In order to check rising smog levels particularly in the Punjab capital.

Government has shifted majority of the units to zigzag technology. Which consumes 30 per cent less fuel than those run on traditional technology. The remaining kilns are a matter of concern for the authorities. Their closure each year not only obstructs the construction activity. However, also causes livelihood loss to hundreds of families working at kilns.

Punjab Disaster Management Authority Director-General Raja Khurram Shehzad Umar says the Punjab government will give Rs1 million per kiln if their owners are ready to modernize their kilns.

He says the owners will have to pay only three per cent interest on the bank loans. Whereas, the Government will pay the rest.

They informed the Delegation of the All Pakistan Kilns Association of the funding in a meeting with PDMA director general Raja Shehzad. Both sides also discussed the Supreme Court orders regarding converting all the kilns onto zigzag technology. Therefore, not allowing the traditional units to operate ever.

Mr Shehzad told the visitors that the kilns which fail to convert failing to the latest technology would remain closed under the National Calamities Act.

The kiln owners, led by General Secretary Mehr Abdul Haq, reportedly sought one-month relaxation for the purpose so they might make sure the requirements for the purpose.

Mr Haq said they were ready to adopt the new technology. However, some owners needed time to make up their minds.

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