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Pakistan Post has moved up by 27 places from 94th to 67th place in the Universal Postal Union World Rankings 2020. It is the global organization of postal services. They have based this ranking on best service, confidence over service quality, reach, hard work and dedication. In 2016, Pakistan Post was ranked 94th with 29 points. Pakistan Post’s newly launched digitization project will take it to new heights the postal service in the world.

The countries that are on the top of the Industrial Sector Rankings have grabbed the top positions in the Post Service Rankings. The recent improvement in the global ranking of the Pakistan Post demonstrated that the government’s efforts to improve the institutions were bearing fruit, said the sources. Sources said that the analysis is based on the integrated index for postal development. Consequently, which draws on a wide range of postal data from numerous sources to provide a composite picture of postal development in 170 countries. It is important to mention here that Switzerland tops the list, followed by Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. 

The countries which are at the top are also at the top in the world rankings in the industrial sector. This ranking is also about the best service with confidence, reach, hard work and dedication.


With the completion of the recent digitization project in Pakistan’s Postal service, Pakistan will rise even higher. This newly launched project will make Pakistan Post proud of Pakistan globally. The report also cites damage to the postal sector due to Coronavirus.

The door-to-door delivery of Pakistan’s Postal Service in the global epidemic was also appreciated by the UN Postal Service and Universal Postal Union. Pakistan Post is working hard come on the top 20 by 2023.

Pakistan Post is also going to enter e-commerce by completing the ongoing digitization process.

Improving the rankings will further boost Postal service in Pakistan. Moreover, it will gain public confidence. Pakistan will also promote Pakistani products all over the world by completing the process of digitization in its postal services.

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