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There are more illegal than legal housing societies in Pakistan.Over 69% of the country’s housing societies are not registered, government documents revealed Tuesday. According to official documents, out of a total of 8,767 housing societies, 6,000 are not registered with the concerned institutions. These 6,000 housing societies are on bogus papers or their papers are incomplete.

Moreover, the Government has registered over 4,000 fraud and corruption cases against 500 societies. These cases of fraud amount to more than PKR 300 billion. In addition, authorities have registered only 2,767 housing societies in the country. While the size of the real estate market is about 15 to 20 trillion rupees.


In September, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari had announced a major crack down on all illegal housing societies“.

He tweeted that, they aimed the crackdown at “all illegal housing societies selling to Overseas Pakistanis through external channels’. For instance, expos, as well as digital and overseas offices, and promising them fake investment opportunities.

Earlier, in September Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari announced massive crackdown against all the illegal housing societies. These societies promised fake investment opportunities.

Most of the complaints lodged by the expatriates with the OP&HRD ministry were related to the property disputes. That was why the government had moved forward briskly. With its plan of setting up the first-ever ‘fast-track’ court in the federal capital. It was to make sure speedy retrieval of expatriates’ properties from land grabbers, said a senior officer of the ministry.

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