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  1. Introduction
  2. Developers and designers
  3. Location
  4. Master plan
  5. Legal status
  6. Development update
  7. Facilities and amenities
  8. Conclusion


This article provides a complete overview of rudn enclave and everything you need to know about it.

Everyone in their life looks up and struggles for a better lifestyle at the ideal location. They are the ones to dream big and eventually achieve a life as their wishes. Rudn Enclave is one of the dream coming real residential societies that is in building in Rawalpindi. Rudn Enclave possesses modern architecture along with the necessary facilities of life. Located in the hub of metropolitan Rawalpindi, Rudn enclave is one of the most desirable places to live. The people with the desire to move to the international standard community can now utilize this society for their dream.

Rudn enclave


However, Rudn Enclave is the hottest project in the real estate market. The reason is its design that fits perfectly for the upper-middle class as well as the middle-class people. One can live by the central Rawalpindi city. Subsequently, with the excess to the facilities like new airport Islamabad, essential of life, it is low-budget and ideal for Islamabad and Rawalpindi people.


Rudn enclave is a proud project of RMRSCO (PVT) LTD and NESPAK PVT LTD.


RMRSCO (PVT) Ltd is one of the top franchises with ten years of real estate design & development experience. Specifically, it is an organization of accomplished engineers, project managers, technical professionals, and highly professional management. The beginning may have small challenges with small scale projects, but Rudn Enclave is the large scale project for this company. They are determined to revolutionize the developments in twin cities by developing this great project.


NesPak is the leading design consultant of Rudn Enclave. It is a prestigious Government institute being one of the top engineering consultancy organizations in Asia and Africa. NESPAK aims to gather a pool of engineers at a single place. Hence, being a Government institution makes it more reliable for investors to invest in RUDN ENCLAVE.


 Situated at the prime location of Ring Road (CPEC Route) at main Adyala Road adjacent to Bahria Town phase 8 extension & DHA Phase IV, The Rudn Enclave is a hub of investment opportunities. 

It is at a distance of 20 Km. You can access Rudn Enclave via Chakri Road, Saddar, and Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension.

Besides, it came in limelight after the updated project plan for Rawalpindi Ring Road. This mega route is passing within the Rudn Enclave. Meanwhile, the ring road will place its Interchange right next to its access-1 Gate. Moreover, the central area of society faces the natural water body – Dam Khalsa

Rudn Enclave has a total area of 3000kanal. Moreover, society will have three entrance gates on Adyala Road, while the fourth entrance will be from Chakri Road, expectedly. You can have several routes to reach down there as Adyala Road is the heart of Rawalpindi. The main routes are:

  • Chakri Interchange
  • Rawat link road
  • Link road Rawalpindi



Chakri Interchange is almost 22 km away from this modern society. However, the Motorway M-2 connects with it, and that route further connects with Lahore, Islamabad, including Rawalpindi. 


The most exclusive road that links with Rudn Enclave is the route between Rawat and Adyala. So, you can reach the location through this road too.


It is the upcoming network of routes. Ring road Rawalpindi is right now the most awaited project as the plan promises low traffic by diving the influx to the multiple routes. Above all, the good news here is that Gate 1 of the Rudn Enclave is right next to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, ensuring the shortest distance for the new international airport in Islamabad.

Moreover, with this prime location, the following top sites will become so closer to Rudn Enclave after Rawalpindi Ring Road’s completion.

  • New Islamabad International Airport at 10 to 12 minutes’ drive
  • T-chowk along with Giga mall at 10 to 15 minutes’ drive
  • Zero Point via Kashmir Highway at 20 to 25 minutes’ drive

Rudn enclave


Rudn Enclave is not an ordinary community, but the one with almost 13,800 Kanals. The Master Plan of Rudn Enclave includes a General and an Executive block. Rudn Enclave is once again bringing you a lucrative investment opportunity to buy the high-profitable commercials n Executive Block. This is a big opportunity for those who had missed the chance to buy commercial plots in the general block.


Executive blocks offer the following:


If you want to purchase a residential plot, the residential plots are available in RUDN ENCLAVE EXECUTIVE BLOCK in the following categories.

  • 7 MARLA
  • 10 MARLA
  • 1 KANAL


The best communities are for everyone, and people looking for commercial plots can get an exclusive and separate area in each block to get the plot. For instance, the categories of the commercial plots are:

  • 4 MARLA
  • 8 MARLA


General block offers the following categories:

  • 5 MARLA
  • 7 MARLA
  • 10 MARLA
  • 1 KANAL


  • 4 MARLA
  • 8 MARLA
  • 1 KANAL


The location is ideal lush green and landscape surrounding. Hence, people can have hassle-free vacations or party time with their loved ones. so, it is also offering Farmhouses in the following categories;

  • 4 KANAL
  • 8 KANAL


Since the Rudn enclave is a new housing project, it will take some time to get final approval. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is processing the NOC of the Rudn Enclave. The official NOC is not issued right now, but RDA will give the NOC soon. 

It is essential to know that dozens of NOC’s and permissions are needed for a housing project. It includes WASA, electricity, gas. According to the government’s new amendments in, any development authority, i.e., RDA, CDA, and LDA, are liable to issue NOC of a contemporary housing society within 60 days of application.


The site of Rudn Envclave is under construction with the 15 heavy machines out there. In addition a general estimate states that 25% of the development work was completed in 2 months. Constructing the roads and farmhouses is the priority of developers.

Rudn enclave


Main Features
  • Gated community,
  • Wide roads
  • Security & surveillance
  • Dam view farmhouses
  • Health care centers and hospitals
  • Theme park
  • Secured boundary wall
  • An exclusive water filtration plant
  • Transportation facility
  • Uninterrupted provision of civil utilities Commercial area
  • Educational institutes, Mosques, Shopping complex
  • 5-star hotels & restaurants
  • Uninterrupted supply of water and gas
  • An owned water filtration plant
  • 5-star hotels
  • Reserved area for a graveyard
  • Swimming pools
  • Amusement parks and playgrounds
  • Reasonable installment plan
  • Prime location surrounded by natural beauty


In conclusion, in terms of investment, it is a viable option if you opt to reside in the heart of Rawalpindi. If you are looking to add a diverse portfolio, this option may be a very economical investment opportunity. However, the best part is the location. If you are looking for a good investment opportunity, then grab this option.

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